Black Carat exists to transform and add character to any ensemble. Our inspiration is drawn from our surroundings that is incorporated through every creation that is made.  We are driven to instill a foundation of structure and versatility in everything that we set out to accomplish.  We are not only jewelers, but are builders of a core upbringing in today’s social culture where we deliver style through our distinctive pieces.  We want our work to influence your imagination and help you look at our pieces as timeless products that can be worn for any occasion.  Our pieces are constructed with the intention of being unique, fashionable, and especially a form of art.  Our primary principle is to ensure the goods that are crafted are classic and innovative at the same time.  We strive to establish a presence grounded by sophistication through the use of well-cut natural stones, vintage materials, and metals that are key elements to our design aesthetic. We are excited to share our ideas with you and invite you to join our journey to see what is yet to come. 


Black Carat is driven to deliver versatility and structure through every piece that is crafted.  Our aim is to create a collection that is influenced by fashion and art, yet timeless.  We set out to redefine the standard by introducing classic sophistication in all that we offer.

This is a Carat’s Worth


Black Carat is a refined jewellery brand which encompasses a palate of both edgy and elegance.  Established in 2016 and located in Toronto; Black Carat seeks inspiration from travelling and discovering unique ornaments. Black Carat is a company where our pieces are comprised of vibrant hues and dynamic components that are married together where we hope to tell a story.   Our goal is to translate ideas into functional works of art that are suitable for the multifaceted woman who crave exquisite design and cultivated beauty.


Constantly surrounded by art, music and fashion; creativity has easily taken root and has become part of a daily lifestyle for designer Carling Dsouza.  Always fascinated with how things are made when looking through magazines or while shopping; Carling’s interest in jewellery led her to meet other jewellery designers and mentors which ultimately brought to light her true passion. Carling has been creating pieces as a hobby while attending Ryerson University and has now transcended her into being a designer today.